Community Services Assistant

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Berrien County

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Community Services Assistant is expected to be knowledgeable of the programs
administered by the agency and of community resources which augment those programs and of
other agency programs that are available to low-income families and individuals. Community
Services Assistants may represent the agency in the county in which their office is located,
attending meetings as requested by their supervisor and interacting with other providers of
services. They are also expected to interview clients and determine eligibility for agency programs
and provide required follow-up at predetermined intervals.

May be required to travel out-of-the-area and/or overnight.


  • Oversee daily operations, paperwork, staff and volunteers at the office to which they are assigned.

  • Provide intake services, primarily interview clients requesting services, determine eligibility, complete applications, and work with other service providers and vendors to meet the client’s emergency and other program needs. 

  • Attend monthly and quarterly commodity distribution at the site to which they are assigned to include: count delivered products to assure a sufficient supply, set up distribution area, prepare paperwork, troubleshoot on distribution day, and prepare and submit site reports. 

  • Accept applications for food commodity programs and distribute emergency pantry food on referral. 

  • Refer clients as necessary to other agencies for services. 

  • Maintain positive working relationship with other social service agencies in the County to which they are assigned. 

  • Represent the agency at meetings with senior centers and other programs in the county to which they are assigned. 

  • Provide intake and emergency services in other offices as needed and assigned. 

  • Perform other related assignments as specified by the coordinator and/or other management staff as necessary.

About the Company

Join our awesome team and work with us and help our local community! Our employment opportunities provide a wealth of reasons to consider working with us at SMCAA. We support individuals and families who are struggling as they work toward greater economic self-sufficiency. Our people are great to work with and our cause gives you a reason to feel good at the end of the day.

​SMCAA is seeking qualified candidates for full-time and part-time employment. The SMCAA mission is to assist people in economic need and enable them to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency while respecting their diversity. We value commitment to community, excellence in customer service, stewardship of resources, and dedication to staff.

​Like more than 1,000 other Community Action Agencies across the United States, we provide supportive services to individuals and families facing poverty in our community. Community Action believes that when an individual increases his or her self-reliance, they are better able to manage their living situations, and make positive steps toward greater economic stability.

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