MSHDA Family Self-Sufficiency

Clients are guided into controlling their futures to purchase a home, finish school, pay off debt, and much more.

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides for coordination of local, community-based resources that promote economic independence for families living in assisted housing. Let yourself envision a future where you are in control.

​Would you like to own your own home? Have you ever wanted to finish school? Would you like to improve your income or even pay off debts? Are you currently a MSHDA Housing Choice Voucher participant?

​You may choose to become a successful FSS Participant!

Potential Assistance Offered

- Your Rental Assistance status will not change. You will continue to receive rental assistance like you currently do now.
- Your portion of the rent will continue to be based on your income.
- When your earned income increases, MSHDA will deposit funds into a FSS escrow account .
- Whether you are currently employed, unemployed, or in school, you will receive assistance in establishing employment and/or education goals.
- At the successful completion of the contract, the head of household receives escrow monies.
- Escrow funds can be used towards a down payment for a home, educational expenses, or to pay off debt.

Eligibility Requirements

- Be a current participant in MSHDA’s HCV Rental Assistance Program.
- Enter into a contract where along with your FSS Resource Coordinator, step-by-step goals will be developed and monitored for your achievement.

Additional FSS Program Obligations:
- The head of the household must seek and maintain suitable employment.
- The head of the household must complete activities (goals) defined in the individual training and services plan.
- All family members must be independent of cash welfare assistance for the final twelve months of the FSS contract.
- Participants must attend Financial Management/Economic Literacy counseling and will be pre-assessed for homeownership eligibility.

Application Process

If you fit within the eligibility requirements listed above, you may qualify for this program! Before beginning the application process, be advised that the following documentation MUST be included with your applicated in order to be processed:

If you are eligible, give the MSHDA Family Self-Sufficiency Program a call for more information: 517-335-9957

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