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City of Benton Harbor launches its Summer Youth Employment Program

Alexandre Little

Jun 6, 2022

Plans to hire approximately 150 Benton Harbor resident youth between the ages of 14 to 19 years of age.

This program will assist many inner-city youth by giving them something meaningful to do over the summer, teach them the value of a job, what it takes to keep one, and help them make some money which helps them and their families prepare for the next school year… City Manager Ellis Michell

Mayor Muhammad said, “This program in addition to helping the youth and their families financially, will also provide a meaningful diversion from some of the violence impacting Youth in our community.

The Mayor expressed his and the City’s appreciation to Director Kim Smith-Oldham, and her staff at the Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency (SMCAA) for their help and support of this year’s summer youth employment program. He also expressed his appreciation to Michigan Works’ Director Lily Brewer and President Todd Gustafson for Michigan Works support and assistance. Without the help of these two agencies, the program would have been limited to half the size of last year’s program.”

Within the next eight to ten days, the City will seek to identify, take applications from and hire Benton Harbor youth to be assigned to crews to work on various assignments. The youth will be between the ages of 14 and 19 years of age. Eighteen (18) and nineteen (19) year old youth will be required to complete a full application and to pass a physical exam, complete with a drug test because they are considered to be adults.

There will be some differences in this expanded youth employment program this year as a result of the mix of funding. Fourteen and fifteen year olds will be paid $10 per hour and will be limited to City residents only and will be required to meet income requirements, in accordance with HUD guidelines. Youth 16 through 19 years of age will be paid $15 per hour and will be enrolled in the Michigan Works program. In this age group, some youth from the surrounding Township will also be enrolled. Michigan Works will also have staff support available at Benton Harbor High to assist with enrollment.

Supervisors will be paid $16.50 per hour.

The application package must be picked up, completed and submitted to Youth Employment Program Coordinator Corey Sterling at Benton Harbor High School.
For questions, please reach out to Corey Sterling at (269) 277-2431.

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