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Volunteers Packing Food

Programs & Services

SMCAA offers a wide range of programs and services to assist those in need across Southwest Michigan. We exclusively service Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties. If you are in need of out-of-county aid, please contact 2-1-1 for resources serving your area. Additional resources are also listed here. 

Call: 269-925-9077   |   Fax: 269-934-8242   | 

Food Assistance

SMCAA offers various USDA food programs, as well as food pantries.


SMCAA offers weatherization to homeowners that can improve the health and safety of homes.

Utility Assistance

SMCAA offers utility assistance, including electric, gas, deliverable fuel, and more.

Crisis Response

SMCAA is a frontline responder to numerous community crises and emergencies.


SMCAA offers rental assistance, mortgage assistance, and help with property taxes.

Additional Assistance

Contact SMCAA to inquire about additional assistance options. Additional assistance resources vary by availability.

Supportive Housing

SMCAA offers supportive housing programming as well as casework.

Additional Resources

 Check out the many other non-SMCAA  programs and services offered in your community

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