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From an equity perspective, low-income Weatherization is seen as critical for off-setting rising utility costs related to the clean energy transition. The potential benefits are considerable. An average homeowner saves $280 annually after Weatherization and lives in a safer and healthier home. According to Department of Energy (DOE) research, retrofits through the Weatherization Assistance Program reduce heating costs by 18% and electricity use by 7%. That's a lot of savings!

Weatherization Assistance Program 
Weatherization, home repair help

Weatherization focuses strictly on energy efficiency improvements for eligible clients. Homes that are in need of structural repairs or other items not covered by Weatherization may want to look into programs that may assist with such items prior to applying for service.

Weatherization Upgrades MAY Include:

  • Insulation

  • Air sealing

  • LED bulbs

  • Furnace tune-up

  • Weather-stripping

  • Many more items related to energy efficiency!

Weatherization Updates DO NOT Include:

  • Structural repairs

  • Plumbing or electrical work

  • Roof replacement

  • Siding 

  • Items not related to energy efficiency

Disclaimer: Per the policies set forth by the DOE, homes that have been weatherized within the past 15 years are not eligible for re-weatherization. However, you are encouraged to apply for re-weatherization once that timeframe has lapsed. Weatherization eligibility is based on the gross income of the entire household.

The Weatherization Assistance Program was created to decrease energy needs in each household. Today, people across the United States benefit from this program through lower energy bills and safer, healthier homes. 

What is the Weatherization Assistance Program Process?

Step 1: Eligibility Determination

Call or email us to make an appointment when you are ready, or just connect with our Weatherization team for any questions.

Step 2: Energy Audit

SMCAA Energy Auditor will assess your home's needs.

Step 3: Weatherization Work Begins

Certified contractors will install all measures

assigned by the energy auditor.

Step 4: Benefits of Weatherization!

You enjoy a healthier, more cost-effective home.

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