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SMCAA acquires Cass County Housing Resource Agency

Ken Lundberg - Moody on the Market

Jul 6, 2023

The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency (SMCAA) announced on Wednesday that they have acquired the Cass County Housing Assessment Resource Agency (HARA).

The group says the acquisition will help support their mission to empower diverse people in need and support their journey toward economic security.

In a statement from SMCAA, the group says as the Cass County HARA, SMCAA will provide financial services focused on rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention.

“SMCAA has provided excellent service as the Van Buren County HARA for six years,” said Yvonne Vidt, SMCAA Community Services Manager. “We are honored to have the opportunity to expand our services to Cass County.”

SMCAA helps individuals or families in need of housing assistance through emergency grants, long-term leasing or rental assistance, supportive services for those with a disability, and rapid rehousing to households experience homelessness.

SMCAA has served the Southwest Michigan community with pride since 1982, working to ensure all families can live in safe, stable homes. SMCAA will continue to build upon its current programs and services within Cass County to help improve residents’ quality of life.

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