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  • Ashley Slack

Community Partner Support - Cass County Commissioner

I direct a program called Commodity Day which is a once per month delivery of a

box of nonperishable food and two pounds of cheese provide through SMCAA.

The boxes of food and cheese are often accompanied by fresh fruits and

vegetables and even masks and sanitizer during the COVID months. Not only has

SMCAA provided Commodity Day benefits, but they have helped with utility and

home repairs for our participants, most recently arranging for the repair of

plumbing for an elderly resident.

As a Cass County Commissioner, I am in a position to see how the residents of the

community are helped by SMCAA, and when I am called by pastors of local

churches or local leaders, I know I can count on SMCAA to help. Throughout the

almost 12 years of my service as Commissioner, I have advocated for SMCAA and

how willingly they have given assistance to those in need. It is my hope that

SMCAA will continue to be a valuable resource for our community

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