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  • Ashley Slack

Success Story - Permanent Supportive Housing

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

SMCAA is the Housing Assessment and Resource Agency, or HARA, in Van Buren County. In April 2021, we learned about a homeless man who had been living in the woods for over a year. Our partners at United Christian Services referred this single male client to SMCAA to talk over possible housing services for him. During one of our meeting, the client expressed his interest in applying for Social Security and that he had not done so previously due to his limitations and being homeless for so long. While UCS assisted him with an application for Social Security, SMCAA worked to move him into housing.

This client was officially “APPROVED” for the Permanent Supportive Housing Dedicated Plus Program and moved into housing in August. In October, the client told SMCAA that his Social Security was approved as well, and with a back pay amount. He kept saying how thankful he is that SMCAA and UCS took the time to assist him when he thought there was no hope for change in his life.

This is how Community Action helps people and changes lives!

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