“So grateful for the assistance your service provided in a time of need. Having my mortgage paid for a month will help me get enough up on other things. Thank you!”

“I appreciate what you have done for me. It has taken some stress off me. [SMCAA staff member] was very nice to me, I can’t thank you enough for the help.”

“I don’t see any room for improvement. I am so blessed and thankful for this agency. I was treated with respect and y’all had the utmost patience in gathering all the information that was needed.”

“You people are the best. You changed my life.”

“I want to thank [SMCAA staff member] for her kindness and patience with me through this process. I am so grateful for your services.”

SMCAA Programs: Supportive Housing to Homebuyer Education to Weatherization

Mr. S was homeless when he was approved for the Supportive Housing Program which would pay for a portion of the rent on a potential home. After 6 years in SHP and receiving case management, Mr. S was informed by his landlord that she would be selling his rental house because she was moving out of the area.

When Mr. S met with his SMCAA caseworker he discovered he no longer qualified for the program due to a household income increase. Given this fortunate situation, Mr. S stated he would like to purchase his rental home from his landlord. His caseworker referred him to another SMCAA program, Homebuyer Education, which provides homeownership counseling. Mr. S enrolled in the workshop where he not only learned the ins-and-outs of buying a home but also about other SMCAA programs and services.

Two months after Mr. S completed the Homebuyer Education workshop he purchased his home -- and the mortgage payment was $200 a month less than what he had been paying for rent! Within six months of being a homeowner, Mr. S returned to SMCAA to apply for Weatherization services, which he had learned about through his counseling workshop. His application was accepted through WAP and his home has since been weatherized and helped to decrease his utility usage and utility bills cost.