SMCAA Programs: Homeless Shelter to Supportive Housing

Mr. W and his son were homeless when they entered the SMCAA Homeless Shelter​. Through case management, it was discovered that Mr. W was experiencing some mental health issues, and he was referred to Van Buren County Mental Health for evaluation. Following evaluation, Mr. W and his son qualified for the Supportive Housing Program and were able to move into a two-bedroom home. Through SHP, SMCAA continued to pay a portion of their rent for 8 years until the two men were able to move on to their own project-based townhouse.

A SMCAA staff member received a phone call from a client who wanted to thank the Weatherization team for all the work done to help her. The client stated the Weatherization contractors were "extremely knowledgeable and informative about the work that was done" to the client's home. She ended the conversation saying, “I had forgotten what it was like to have a warm house."

“[SMCAA staff member] is kind and compassionate and I never felt like “just another person.” She truly cared about our needs and went out of her way to assist us and offer information about other services in our community. I am forever grateful and humbled.”

“Staff went quickly to my house to evaluate my problem. I had to wait a few months until funds were available, but I would have had to sell my house because I couldn’t afford all the repairs. Thank you very much for your help.”

“Thank you for your help. Without your agency and due to losing my job and unemployment benefits, I don’t know where my kids and me would be right now. Housing is so expensive and scarce in my area!”