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  • Ashley Slack

Shelter Success Story

A client was staying in the SMCAA homeless family shelter with her child. SMCAA is the Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA) for Van Buren County, so staff worked with the client and successfully added her to the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeless list. In a challenging housing environment, it was amazing that an apartment was located for the client and her child.

However, the client had some debts she needed to pay off in order to improve her credit before moving into the apartment. These debts were paid off following the client receiving her tax refunds back, including EITC and child tax credit. With her credit bettered, the client was approved to rent the apartment unit and approved for HCV. SMCAA also assisted the client in being approved for Emergency Service Grant's (ESG) Prevention program. The Agency paid the client's rental deposit and the client and her child moved into the apartment. The family will remain with HCV moving forward.

The client thanked SMCAA by saying, "Thank you so very much for all of your help and support. You gave me a second chance and I'm gonna do good things."

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