Permanent Supportive Housing

Eligible clients have a portion of their monthly rent paid and receive individual support to help them sustain housing.

Supportive Housing provides housing and supportive services to disabled and/or mental health individuals.

Potential Assistance Offered

For qualifying clients, SMCAA pays a portion of the client's monthly rent. This payment is based on the income of that client.

SMCAA also works with the client's Mental Health Worker and other community organizations to provide additional support services as wraparound programming in order to help and support the individual to sustain housing.

Eligibility Requirements

- Mental health clients with a mental health worker
- Clients must have a treatment plan in place
- Participants must reside in Cass or Van Buren County

Application Process

If you fit within the eligibility requirements listed above, you may qualify for this program! Before beginning the application process, be advised that the following documentation MUST be included with your applicated in order to be processed:

There is no application process. Mental Health Worker must send referral to SMCAA directly