Van Buren County Emergency Family Shelter

SMCAA has an emergency shelter for women, children, and families for up to 90 days located in Van Buren County.

The SMCAA Emergency Shelter provides temporary housing for individuals and/or families experiencing homelessness. Those residents may stay and receive supportive services designed to enable them to develop necessary life skills and move into supportive or permanent housing.

Our Shelter is located in Van Buren County at: 210 E. Delaware St., Decatur.

Potential Assistance Offered

Women, children, and families may stay in our Emergency Shelter for up to 90 days.

Eligibility Requirements

- Homeless single women, women with children, and families
- Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) or another agency MUST send referral to SMCAA directly

Application Process

If you fit within the eligibility requirements listed above, you may qualify for this program! Before beginning the application process, be advised that the following documentation MUST be included with your applicated in order to be processed:

Those in need may call 269-605-4526 for direct contact with SMCAA staff at the Shelter.