The W family was in need of a furnace replacement but did not have the means to purchase one. After going to their local DHHS office, the family received a referral for an emergency repair but would need to fund a portion of the costs. The family was also instructed to contact SMCAA in the Community Development Block Grant Department to assist in the replacement.

Working with DHHS and Efficiency United, SMCAA was able to fulling fund the furnace for the W family. This mean no out-of-pocket expenses were necessary from the family, and they did not need to place a lien on their house in order to receive a new furnace before the upcoming winter.

In addition, the family was eligible to apply for Weatherization -- a program the family had used years prior while living in a mobile home. Since their first experience with WAP, the family had purchased a single-family home and grown their annual household income. The W family utilized their former knowledge of SMCAA services to better insulate their home and ultimately increasing the value of receiving a new furnace as well!

“SMCAA has always been there for me. I really appreciate you for everything, and for helping me with heat, gas, water, or whatever.”

“You have all done enough through God’s eyes for this family. I can’t thank you enough!”

“Staff was very friendly and professional. I truly appreciated their help. Thank you; you are the true heroes during this great time of need.”

“So grateful for the assistance your service provided in a time of need. Having my mortgage paid for a month will help me get enough up on other things. Thank you!”

“I appreciate what you have done for me. It has taken some stress off me. [SMCAA staff member] was very nice to me, I can’t thank you enough for the help.”

“I don’t see any room for improvement. I am so blessed and thankful for this agency. I was treated with respect and y’all had the utmost patience in gathering all the information that was needed.”

“You people are the best. You changed my life.”

“I want to thank [SMCAA staff member] for her kindness and patience with me through this process. I am so grateful for your services.”